I’m a woman. I’m Black. I’m strong. If that doesn’t make people nervous enough, I’m Quiet.

Strong black women sometimes have to speak louder to ensure we are heard, won’t stand aside and be taken advantage of, and will tell you about your parts when we are being disrespected. We know what we know, like what we like and don’t plan on changing any of that just for the sake of conformity. Key in my locs and tattoos and any day now I just may start a revolution.

 But what if I can get the same results by taking the other approach?

 I walk into a room commanding respect with my silence. Oh there’s that Angry Black Woman who doesn’t speak to anyone. I wonder what’s on her mind.

 I don’t laugh at your stale and potentially stereotypical joke rendering you the joke. Black women can be such snobs, they need to lighten up.

 And when I do laugh out loud because the joke is just that sweet and quite frankly life is just too short to not enjoy a good joke? Why can’t those Black Women ever know their place and keep it down?

Having always been a pensive individual, I am the silent observer who makes note of others’ words and actions in order to figure out ways to improve on those very points. If you don’t learn from your own mistakes, then by all means I will. So in my silent observation, I’ve already figured out a better solution. I will put my own turn on things to execute the steps then show the results and watch your eyes grow with revelation. Hey the snob is pretty smart, after all.

Snob, you say? Yes, a common misinterpretation of the Quiet. In all actuality, sometimes I have nothing to say simply because I have nothing to say. And I’m okay with that. Silence is golden. Silence is even revered. There’s a time and a place for everything and just because you are at the place doesn’t mean it is the time. Plus, what’s the point if no one is going to listen to me? Then I’ve gone and wasted both of our time. And I don’t know about you, but my time is precious.


So what people may interpret as Angry or Snobbish, I am really trying to translate as Focused. Or sometimes, it’s just plain old Boredom. It’s why I don’t laugh at your stale jokes, or engage in any irrelevant small talk. It’s especially why I stay true to who I am; I don’t want you getting the wrong idea – you may stick around and bore me some more. And that would mean I failed at being a snob, now wouldn’t it?                                                                                                         

If you choose to generalize instead of pick my brain to see who I really am, then I will remain misunderstood and continue to learn from your mistakes.

And that’s okay with me.

4 thoughts on “Misunderstood?

  1. THANK YOU for this. I can genuinely relate to this one, having never understood why a quiet man is “mysterious, debonair, intriguing” and a quiet woman is a biaaaatch. A lot of times, when I sit there in quiet observation, eyes big and mouth closed, I often get “Why are you upset?” Wh– wtf. I’m not upset, this is my normal face :/ Which seems like such a terrible response, because we’re pushed to thinking our “normal face” should be always smiling, ever pleasant, charming, inviting, appealing. MAN FUCK THAT SHIT! I’M BUSY THINKING. I don’t have time to concern myself with “how” I look while thinking!

  2. This is SO TRUE! – it’s a loose / loose situation – if you’re quiet, you’re a Snob, if your outspoken, loud and assertive – they be telling you to calm down, be quiet! – What a world we live in!

  3. LOL I can’t count how many times I’ve had a man say “Smile beautiful” while I’m walking the street trying to get somewhere. Really? Am I here for your enjoyment? I’ve been told quite a few times by men that I’m intimidating and I can’t see why. Confidence maybe. Quiet, loud, smiling, frowning, pensive…whatever, you can’t win. Just be you. You are strong and black, but please don’t forget beautiful.

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